Scottish Clans Calendar 2018

The Scottish Clans Calendar 2018 is a year-long journey through the history of some of Scotland’s most influential clans.

Whether you’re a MacDonald or a Campbell, a Fraser or MacNeil, you’ll find a detailed illustration of your clan chief, accompanied by your clan crest and bordered with your clan tartan.

Featuring illustrations by R.R. McIan, reproduced from an original copy of The Clans of the Scottish Highlands Volumes I & II by James Logan and Robert Ronald McIan, the Scottish Clans Calendar 2018 is perfect for history fans the world over, with anniversaries of key Scottish battles included throughout the year.

Each Scottish Clans Calendar 2018 includes a posting envelope, allowing you to send it as a gift if you wish.

So whether you’re looking for a memento of your own family history or just a gift for a friend, place your order now and enjoy a little piece of Scotland’s history for yourself.